Call for Papers: 2015 NEAA Meeting

The Anthro Club of Franklin Pierce University will host
the 2015 annual meetings of the 

On March 27-28, 2015 on the Rindge, NH, campus of Franklin Pierce University

This year’s theme is:

Through the Looking Glass: Showcasing Contemporary Anthropology

We encourage all students, faculty, and other interested anthropologists to submit a paper title and abstract (to be published in the program) by March 13

Session and Paper Abstracts:

Session, paper, and poster abstracts will be accepted via this website. Papers should be 20 min long (max). Franklin Pierce will provide laptops and digital projectors for all sessions. Please make sure your presentation is Microsoft PowerPoint compatible. 

If you wish to submit a paper or poster abstract, you will need to login (or create a new user account) and submit your abstract here.

If you want to organize a session, you will need to login (or create a new user account)submit your session abstract here first, and then submit all related papers and discussants here. Note, if you are invited to be part of an organized session, your session organizer is responsible for submitting your abstract.

When you are logged in, you can view your submissions by clicking on the "My Submissions" link in the red menu on the left.

Conference Registration:

Online conference registration is open and accepts online payments. If you wish to pay by check or pay at the door, you may still register online and select "pay later." All presenters are required to register in advance  to secure their position in the program. Other attendees may register at the door.

We hope all members of the NEAA will be able to participate and will submit a paper about their research. 

Sincerely yours,

Kelsey Devlin
President of FPU Anthro Club

Robert L. Welsch
Associate Professor of Anthroplogy
Franklin Pierce Univeristy

Note: You must login or create a new user account to submit an abstract to the conference. Forgot your password from last year? Request a new one here.